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Thankful Thursday

Oh, January, how you got away from me.

Literally, January was me being sick. I’m still sick, in fact; can’t hear out of my left ear. I’ve an appointment with a specialist next week, although I hope my ear feels better before then. (I’m on antibiotics.)

A friend of mine who had not been well for some time passed away last week. It made me realize how fast time can get away from me and how important it is to take care of yourself and try to enjoy life. On that note, I’m practicing gratitude today.

Last week I had the pleasure of going to Key West. I was sick, but I rallied (go me!). I would go there again in a heartbeat. There is definitely a tourist-y vibe there, but there’s lots of arts and crafts, a nice relaxed vibe, and it’s only 90 miles from Cuba!

Ernest Hemingway had a house there which is now a museum of sorts. While I will post a longer blog about that, I wanted to express my gratitude for being able to go there and also share one of the kitties I saw there (and trust me, there were a lot o’ gatos at Mr. Hemingway’s place). I took pictures of a few, but this guy in the gift shop was one of my favorites:


So round and adorable!


I must pet the kitteh.


Catnapping in the gift shop.

It was so funny to see these cats trotting around the gift shop! Mr. Calico wasn’t the only one–they were all over–but the gift shop seemed to be his turf. He got a little salty at someone and gave a quiet “get away” hiss and moved approximately six inches over. LOL!

Most of the cats seemed like they could use a good brushing or two, but all seemed well fed. That made me happy, to know they have food and shelter. If you ever get the chance, check out Key West and all the kitties!


Two-fur Tuesday: Kitties and oodles of zoodles

Sophiekitty and Griz on the chair

So happy together…

The other day Sophie perched up on this spot and then the next thing I know, Griz is right on top of her! I love how they’ve been sitting there together lately, looking out the window. I just love those little sweethearts. ❤

And on an unrelated note, zoodles! My sweetie got me a spiralizer for Christmas and I am so in love with this thing. Who knew eating spiralized food was so much fun?

It’s also an easy way to incorporate more veggies into your diet. I used up some pasta sauce I had and subbed zucchini noodles instead of pasta; it tasted great. Plus, it’s so cool to spiralize food!

Oodles of zoodles!

Oodles of zoodles!

Oodles of zoodles!

Sauce for zoodles.

Do you remember the Play-Doh barber shop, how strings of Play-Doh came out of the people’s heads? I get that same sense of satisfaction when I see my pile of veggie spirals coming out.



Hopefully the increased veggie intake will mean fewer colds. I have had this beast of a respiratory bug that’s been going around. I’m not kidding you, it is a beast. The doctor said it takes – on average – two to three weeks to go away. Fingers crossed that this will be wrapped up before week three. Being sick like this is no my idea of a good time. Thank goodness the kitties are here to take care of me. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


Sophie on Sunday

Sophie kitty in the sun

Sophie loves sunning.

I think the cats really enjoy our early Sunday mornings. 🙂 As much as I would love to sleep late, they keep me on a schedule, which isn’t so bad. Early to rise means I get a lot done (in theory, haha). Early to rise means they get their run-around time and then crash out while I think “Well, as long as I’m up…”.

Today I am sick, though, ugh. I had an inkling it coming on and today last night it hit hard. I’m feeling a bit better now that I’m moving around, so fingers crossed that the ick is on its way out. Maybe I can get rid of this stack of “sort-through” papers.

In other news, I have a light pink fleece robe that I’ve had for years. Not sure how many, but it’s definitely been years. The robe has seen better days: it’s stained, there’s some paint on it, and no matter how much detergent I use, it still looks dingy.

But it’s still fine. No holes or anything, and the fabric is nice and warm, which is why I feel bad getting rid of it. But looking down I see…yeah, it’s kind of gross.

Have you ever been in this spot? What did you do with the item? Do you have any suggestions for repurposing said item – perhaps cutting it up, making cat beds (although, again, the fabric is admittedly dingy), etc.? I’m reaching the point of not wanting to wear it anymore, but I also don’t want it to go to waste.

Please send any ideas!


Thankful Thursday: Fruit bouquet

Yesterday morning I had, embarrassingly enough, a bit of a meltdown. Life is good but I’ve had a hard time sleeping lately. Even though it’s currently winter in the midwest, it is so flippin’ hot and dry in my place! So I was going on very little and highly interrupted sleep. Plus, there were several things that came together and suddenly everything seemed overwhelming. The biggest thing was/is having to find new doctors (my “lady” doctor retired and my GP isn’t covered by my insurance). Talk about red tape and headaches. Add to that a smaller battle with the cable company and some other random bits and bobs and cue the waterworks.

Imagine my surprise when I got a call saying there was something at the front desk for me. Due to some, ah, weird experiences (like getting a garage sale ceramic lobster platter from some nutso I had quit dating), I get a little nervous about these calls. Yet I was so tickled to see a fruit bouquet! The note said it was from my sweetie and his little pup.

Hello Kitty Edible Arrangement Bouquet

Hello Kitty Edible Arrangement Bouquet

It’s Hello Kitty!

How fun - a pineapple-shaped Hello Kitty

How fun – a pineapple-shaped Hello Kitty

I love that one of the pineapple pieces was in a Hello Kitty shape. The fruit was awesome, too. If you’re thinking of sending a basket (or flowers), I recommend this.

I’m thankful for the bouquet, but I’m also thankful for having a nice boyfriend who is very supportive. (I’m also thankful for his sweet puppy who walks with me!) I’m used to handling things on my own without issue, but sometimes, especially when things get overwhelming, it’s nice to get an outside perspective. He’s very good at looking at things objectively and “just the facts,” which is nice.

It’s also nice to be able to have a moment of “ARGH!” and then take a deep breath and look at the good things that happened. I’ve got to remember to practice gratitude more often. 🙂


Two-fur Tuesday

Last night I was SO tired. I ran a couple errands after work and tried to keep my eyes open until about 9 pm, when I could go to bed. (Of course, naturally then I thought “Ooh, I’ve not done a crossword puzzle in a while…)

As I struggled to stay away early in the evening, I looked over and my heart just melted. Both Grizzy and Sophie were on the easy chair!

Sophie and Griz on the easy chair 1

My heart, it melts…

Sophie and Griz on the easy chair 2

One more with the flash. 🙂

This is usually the G-man’s spot, but sometimes I’ll find Sophie there. Not in years had I seen them snuggled up together on that spot. ❤


Easy like Sunday morning

I was up pretty early this morning, especially for a Sunday, so I started cleaning. Since my winter break I’ve been on a bit of a clean/sort/purge spree. I had started that waaay back when I read the Konmari method book. Some of it was a little kooky imo, but some of it made so much sense to me. For example, she’s a big proponent of a place for everything and once you are done using an item, return it to it’s place immediately. I struggle with misplacing things all the time so I found this practice quite helpful.

At any rate, last year got away from me and so did my attempts to be organized. I’m not a huge shopper, but I love thrifting and usually find some great items so while useful and fun, that was more stuff I added to my humble abode but didn’t find a place for it. I think you see where this is going. 🙂

Thankfully, life started calming down and slowly but surely I started getting back into those habits and routines, which is why I’ve been on a slow-but-steady organizing kick. And this time it seems to be working!

Of course, the cats know it is their job to a) wake up me, b) interrupt my cleaning to tell me it’s time to play with them, and c) sack out after playtime is over and snooze away as I return to cleaning. That is what is happening with them right now. I present Grizzy:

grizzy on cat stand 0117

grizzy on cat stand 2 0117

grizzy on cat stand 3 0117

grizzy on cat stand 4 0117

It’s a cat’s life.

Have a wonderful week!

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Thrifty Thursday: The ’90s humidifer

I do have a fun Thrifty Thursday post for your, but first, how about a 2016 wrap-up?

I’ve been thinking of 2016 as “The Year of the Bully.” Professionally I had to deal with at least one person who was easily one of the nastiest people I’ve ever met. I still get updates about his reign of terror from people who have to work with him, poor things.

Personally, I took a step back from a group I had been very involved with because there was a person whom leadership acknowledged was a bully, yet they did nothing. But by saying “No” to that, I can say “Yes” to some really great, positive things. That’s a win.

I must admit 2016 had some good things happen. I met a really great guy, yay. I have a job I really enjoy. I learned about some interesting new volunteer opportunities that I hope to try this year. So, I’m definitely starting 2017 on a positive note. I hope it is wonderful for all of you, too.

Now, for Thrifty Thursday! It’s definitely winter and the heat is on, which dries everything out. That’s why humidifiers are so wonderful. Of course, this one from the late ’80s, early ’90s cracks me up.

The bad haircut, the campy poses, the dog under the table…I tell ya, the photo shoot for this was stellar. They created images for the ages! Without further ado:

Furnace humidifier '80s

It’s that time – time to bust out the humidifier!

humidifier girl hacking away

Eliminate those parched throats and wacky faces!

humidifier boy bad haircut

Sadly, it cannot eliminate a bad cut from the early ’90s.

humidifier dead dog

Is that dog dead?!

That last picture – the dog under the table to demonstrate a comfortable home…I have to shake my head a little.

Here’s to a wonderful, static-free 2017!


Thrifty Thursday: The sleepover

Did you know you can find patterns at thrift stores? I knew there were usually craft stashes–fabric, yarn, ribbons–but I’m a little embarrassed to admit until fairly recently I didn’t realize you could often find a wealth of patterns! Some really fun ones, too.

Check out this beaut:

All set for the guys-only slumber party! Men's nightgown patterns

All set for the guys-only slumber party!

There’s a lot I really like about this, but I have to start out with the giggly stuff:

  • I imagine they are…oh, heck, I was going to say a slumber party but that’s just…where they heck are they? Are they going to tuck into twin beds with scratchy Army blankets? LOL
  • The guy in the middle, in the light blue. Is that a pseudo-pimp cane he’s kind of leaning on? Is it the top of a (very low) bannister? Is it the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
  • The guy to the right of him, in the navy blue print holding the alarm clock. “We’re all set to wake up bright and early!”
  • Then whoa, hold up! Here comes Jaunty Joe in a bright red nightshirt. “Hold up, boys, I just had to slip into my PJs and get my pipe. Now I’m ready for bed.”On a serious note, I love the retro-ness of this. It reminds me of movies like “White Christmas,” where everyone, even the men, wore impeccably tailored clothing. I’m not sure it’s 100% functional for most people’s lives, but it sure looks cool.

    I am finding myself more and more taken by the retro aesthetic. The details were so interesting. Even the “cheesy” things are cool to check out now. It makes me think of my parents and grandparents smiling as they recounted “the good” music and traditions that were big when they were younger. Am I turning into them? If I am, I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. 🙂


Sophie is shipping off!

Well, not really; we would never let that happen! 🙂

Sophie kitty in a box

Off to a great adventure? Or just a nice nap?

Last night I was prepping and wrapping some Christmas goodies. I had just finished taping the bottom of a shipping box and poof! Sophie immediately jumped in and got comfy. I think I may have to get her a shipping box of her very own. After all it’s the perfect Sophie size!


Sophie tucks in

My little Sophie loves to burrow. If there is a hole or a spot to squeeze into, she will find it. Case in point: I left my drawer open and within seconds she had jumped in. She really blended in. Good thing I saw her! 🙂

Sophie in a drawer

I spy with my little eye…